Comprehensive Consulting Services
Comprehensive Consulting Services


Licensed in Wisconsin and Michigan

Dr. David Boll has active chiropractic licenses in both Wisconsin and Michigan. 

Medical Necessity File Reviews

Retrospective, concurrent or pre-certification file reviews can be performed.  A detailed, referenced report will be returned to you in a very timely manner. 

Expert Witness Consulting / Medicolegal Assistance

Expert Witness consulting services are available.  This can include consulting on medical malpractice case involving chiropractic care and coding issues, as well as assistance in cases as a Nontestifying (Consulting) Expert. 


Independent Medical (Chiropractic) Examinations are available for cases where you would like an unbiased opinion on the necessity of care or requested future care recommendations.  A detailed report answering any specific questions that the client has on the case will be completed with time stamps that will address any previous care records submitted for the IME/ICE, imaging and a detailed orthopedic, neurologic and functional examination results. 

SIU Investigations

Dr. Boll with Comprehensive Consulting Services specializes in SIU cases, helping to identify outlier providers and patterns of billing and documentation of those practices that do not follow professional standards.  Red Flags are identified and Dr. Boll can assist with any further action that may be necessary when an outlier provider is identified. 

Coding Reviews

Dr. Boll is a Certified Professional Coder from the AAPC. As such, there is additional exerpertise in rendering opinions on proper diagnosis and procedural coding cases. 

Guideline Development and Review

Dr. Boll has extensive experience in assisting companies develop and review guidelines and plan language in regards to physical medicine, based on the latest evidence. 


Educational Onsite or Web Based Presentations

Dr. Boll has performed numerous presentations to various companies, groups and organizations at both National and Regional Conferences in regards to chiropractic care. These have included outlining what is necessary for documentation and case management, red flags that claims analysts and case managers should be able identify that may warrant a closer look at a case, adjunctive services present in the physical medicine arena, new services and other items of interest. 

Network Credentialing

Dr. Boll can assist your group in credentialing providers for participation in networks.  This can include onsite evaluations of prospective providers, a review of their previous documentation, survery generation and review along with noting conditions of participation.  He can also assist as a liaison to work with providers that may not be meeting plan standards to try to work with them to retain their preferred provider status, or assist in determining what providers may need to be removed from plan participation.    

DOT Exams

Dr. Boll is certified by the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (National Registry Number 4009693178) to do DOT testing for CDL license holders or applicants. Testing can be done onsite if your depot/business is located in Sheboygan, Ozaukee, southern Calumet or eastern Fond du Lac Counties.  Please click here for more info. 

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